Marin Organic

Marin Organic is an association of organic producers in Marin County whose livelihood is based on a respect for nature and a sense of place. As the primary link between farmers and eaters, Marin Organic is committed to promoting and supporting a sustainable, organic county – a county in which growers and the people who rely on them recognize their mutual interdependence.

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Founded in 1999, Marin Organic’s mission focuses on the environmental soundness and economic viability of farming and ranching in Marin County. Its members include such well-known names as Cowgirl Creamery, makers of award-winning organic cheeses, Star Route Farms, the oldest continuously certified organic farm in California, and Straus Family Creamery, the first organic dairy west of the Mississippi.

In addition to promoting local organic agriculture, Marin Organic has many projects that address environmental issues, such as Salmon Safe certification and a popular farmer education workshop series, as well as a variety of programs which focus on community health, such as its Organic School Lunch Program, a program that also addresses underserved communities in Marin.

By restoring ecological and social values to agriculture and realigning traditional expectations of farming with a holistic understanding of ecology, Marin Organic aims to re-empower local communities, foster environmentally sound agriculture and celebrate local food production. Marin Organic is at the forefront of a movement which is creating a healthy, sustainable, and safe environment for all beings, today, and for generations to come.

Featured Farm

Star Route Farms
Warren Weber, owner of Star Route Farms, operates the oldest continuously…

Star Route Farms
Warren Weber
95 Olema-Bolinas Road
Bolinas, CA 94924