Does water detox work?

Water is one of the most abundant substance in the universe. The water detox diet is one of the best colon cleanse diets in existence. Thought its origin is unknown, but it is believed to be effective way of detoxifying the body. The procedure is as simple as ABC. Just the daily intake of water detoxes your body. Most doctors will recommend water detox or water therapy as the best colon cleanse to use. For it to bring the desired result, two things are necessary

  • Drinking the right water
  • The timing of the drinking of the water.

Many still question if water detox actually work. There has been various colon cleanse reviews to this effect and water detox has been universally recognized as one the best colon cleanse among others.

Soft or Hard water for detox?

To enjoy the best benefit from the water detox, you have a choice of choosing between mineral water, tap water and other sources of hydration. Mineral water plays an important role in making your water detox work effectively.

How to do water detox

According to statistics, nothing detoxes the body more as water does. This has made it to be recognized as the best colon cleanse prior to other ways of detoxing the body. The daily consumption of water is about 1.5 liters, which is approximately half a gallon. Another colon cleanses review carried out suggested the following ways of using water detox.

  • Drink 1.5 liters of mineral water per day
  • Don’t drink more than a cup in one sitting
  • 9-10 water break should be taken throughout the day

Since it cannot be disputed that water is the best colon cleanse approach, don’t make the mistake of gulping down the water while drinking. It will affect the function of your kidneys and stomach negatively.

For those who are unable to consume that amount of water daily, other supplement can be bought to help the situation. The following are some colon detox reviews from one of the products (Super Colon Cleanse, 500mg, 240 capsules).

By Ravenrose  “Gotta love a product that does what is says! Cleans the butt and makes you feel better. This will purge the hot dog that you ate as a kid back in the 80’s that needed an extra push to finally vacate your colon. Easy on the stomach with no surprises like other products.”

By Sha Sykes  “Oh My Lord…. IT WORKS. Drink a lot of WATER before you take this product so that the process goes smoothly. PLEASE BE AT HOME WHEN THIS PRODUCT STARTS WORKING. PLEASEEEEEEE!”

By Linda   “I have used this colon cleanse daily for over 10 years. I had a colonoscopy not long ago and the doctor said I had the cleanest colon he had ever seen. That was proof enough, this product is exceptional.”