Is Mineral oil ideal for the skin?

At times, some good things can have a bad reputation. An example of this is mineral oil, a harmless and useful ingredient, which has been used as a supplement for skin care products, but in some magazines and online publications linked to various terrible things. I believe it’s time for the records to be set straight about mineral oil and the reasons behind the negative rumors that have made many to neglect any skin rejuvenation process.

What Is Mineral Oil?

Mineral Oil is derived from petroleum and is odorless. It is widely used in the cosmetics industry as a supplement for skin care products. It hardly has any allergic reactions and neither can it become solid or clogs pores. According to studies, petrolatum and mineral oil can help in the healing of wounds and the best effective nourishing ingredients. Its association with petroleum has made many people conclude that mineral oil is not good for skin, but the truth is that petroleum is a natural ingredient.

Is Mineral Oil Contaminated?

In cosmetics, mineral oil has been approved globally as a necessary ingredient for the various skin products to help in the skin rejuvenation process. It does not have impurities that have a harmful effect on the skin neither does it contain carcinogens. It may be surprising to know that plants are subject to toxins when we talk about impurities. Plants are sourced from the ground; they come with mold, worms, bacteria, and insects that must be purified before being used in any cosmetic.

The Bottom Line

The claims on the how unsafe mineral oil are is unfounded and propagated by some cosmetics companies who want their rivals supplement for skin care products to fail at the expense of increasing their sales. Perhaps you might have gone for a skin rejuvenation treatment and want to know if there will be skin enhancer side effects, then you should consult your doctor to clarify such. The truth is that mineral oil is a good ingredient found in skincare products to help in skin rejuvenation and is even better and safe. It is good for your skin especially if it is dry and sensitive.